About Balti Walla

Best Indian Restaurant in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire GL53 7LT

Our Philosophy

Welcome to the Cheltenham’s first “bring your own booze” Balti House! 20 years ago we introduced this concept to save our customers money and more importantly put all our focus into creating the most aromatic dishes for your enjoyment! Although the famous Balti dish originated in Birmingham; we brought it to Cheltenham and made this great town it’s new home! We are so proud of our Balti dish, we named our restaurant after it.

- Balti Walla
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Dining Experience

The Best Balti in the Cotswolds

After 20 years, we still look forward to welcoming our loyal and new customers. We advise you to make reservations and can happily accommodate large parties. Due to demand we have carefully designed a party menu which ensures every one can taste a selection of our dishes and enable your party to run smoothly!